Planned gigs:
At this moment there are no new gigs planned yet, please watch this space closely for new events.
You can always invite us to come play for you, to do so, please contact us via the contact form.
Past gigs:
6 October 2018
National thrift store Day Aktief Doetinchem

2 September 2018
Open Stage Steenwijk (Park Ramswoerte)

2 Juni 2018
Wij-Land Festival Kratjespodium (Crate Stage)

25 May 2018
Open Stage Elst

15 April 2018
Cultuur bij je Buur (Culture at the Neighbours)

11 March 2018
Gluren bij de Buren (Peeking at the Neighbours)
Gluren bij de Buren

1 March 2018
Cultuur Cafe Wageningen
Cultuur Cafe Wageningen

22 February 2018
Open Ton Zwolle
Open Ton Zwolle

27 January 2018